Workshifts 2020


  • Each 4-h member is required to work 3 shifts sometime between August 2019 and August 1, 2020.

  • Each 4-h family is required to provide 3 adult workshifts sometime between August 2019 and August 1, 2020.


  1. It is very important that you show up and work each shift that you have signed up for. If you realize that you cannot make your shift, or are going to be late, or need to leave early, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find someone to work your shifts. Please only have someone as old or older as the 4-Her required to work. DO NOT have a Junior come in for a Senior or an Adult. They will not be allowed to work and it will not count for your shift.

  2. If you miss a work shift you are required to work 2 shifts to make it up. Those need to be scheduled with Michelle Cross.

  3. If you do not fulfill your work shift requirements, you will not be eligible for a stall or trailer spot for next year!!!!!

  4. **** 10 Year and Retiring Members need to have all work shifts done prior to Fair Week or in the first couple days*******

  5. When signing up please email or text Michelle Cross at or 574-536-9489. These are the things we need to have.

  1. 4-Her’s Name

  2. Parents Name

  3. Phone

  4. First 5 choices on Workshifts for the 4-Her

  5. First 4 Choices for the Parents Shifts


***Please do not put down choices for the first Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of fair in Concessions. Everyone wants those and they are gone.***

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