We would like to thank you for taking time to consider partnering with Elkhart County 4-H Saddle Club. It is generous people and businesses like you that provide the many learning opportunities that 4-H provides to our kids. Help us inspire tomorrow's leaders!


The Elkhart County 4-H Saddle Club provides many opportunities for young people to learn and grow in leadership. The many activities include, horse care, drill team competitions, horse shows, educational clinics, horse bowl quizzing competition, Jr leader and club officer opportunities. These activities help build lifelong relationships and shape tomorrows leaders. Your generous support helps cover the cost of grounds maintenance, equipment, awards, judges, and other general expenses.



Below lists some of the ways that you can partner with us to support tomorrows leaders!


Note: Elkhart County 4H Saddle Club is a non for profit 501c3 organizations...



Fair Class Sponsorships

Business, families, & friends have the opportunity to support and sponsor fair class awards that consist of trophies, belt buckles, ribbons, jackets, and/or prizes. The sponsorship helps cover the cost of these awards. The awards give our 4-H members a long term memory of there achievements and reminds them of those that have invested into their future. We thank these sponsors by recognizing and announcing their name as the child recieves their award. Class sponsorship are $30 and the club offer a 176 fair class opportunities. Please that sponsored a class the prior year will get the first chance to keep that class.


Note: We currently have 36 class sponsors out of 176.


If you are intrested please downland the attached form....  Sponsor Form


List of classes,


Business, Family, or Friend Sponsorships

Sponsor us by donating a gift to the club and receive publicity and recognitions on our website and banners on display at our major events, including fair week. 


 Club Sponsor -  Includes Banner, Logo on our Website, and listed on fair show week show guide

                                Bronze Level Sponsorship   $50 to $249,    Name listed in fair week show guide & website

                                Silver Level Sponsorship   $250 to $499,    Name listed in fair week show guide & website, shared banner on display at fair

                                Gold Level Sponsorship    $500 to $999,    Name & small Logo listed in fair week show guide & website, personalized banner on             display at fair

                                Platinum Level Sponsorship $1000+           Name & large Logo listed in fair week show guide & website, personalized banner on display at fair


Special Event Sponsors - Includes Banner, large Logo on our Website, Public recognition during event, listed as sponsor on event printed materials, and included in fair week show guide. (Please email us your the info for the banner)


Horse Camp Event Sponsor ($500)                    Open to Sponsor

 (Will take multiple sponsors up to $500)


Daily Show Event Sponsors  ($1000 /Show)

Announced as sponsor of the day,  Your own banner and logo, funds used to cover the judge of the day & show expenses. 

    Fuzzy  Pleasure & Contesting Show                   Open to Sponsor

    May Pleasure & Contesting Show                      Open to Sponsor

    June Pleasure & Contesting Show                     Open to Sponsor

    Fair Practice Show                                                  Open to Sponsor


The club and our members host one horse show events as a fundraiser event. To bring in participantes from all over Indiana and Michigan we offer classes that payback the winners with money added to increase the payout. The club raisies this money from local business. During the show the club announces information about the business and displays the company name on the banners.


    Aug NBHA Contesting Show                                  Open to Sponsor

           Barrels Day 1 ($350)                                  Open to Sponsor

           Poles Day 1  ($350)                                    Open to Sponsor

           Show Day 1 ($500)                                     Open to Sponsor

           Barrels Day 2 ($350)                                  Open to Sponsor

           Poles Day 2  ($350)                                    Open to Sponsor

           Show Day 1 ($1000)                                     Open to Sponsor

           Show Day 2 ($1000)                                     Open to Sponsor          


Fair Week Daily Event Sponsors   ($500/event)

All Week - Tractor, Fuel, Drag & Water Sponsor   Open to Sponsor

Landscaping Saddle Club Barn & Show Booth     Open to Sponsor

Barrel Contesting Night -                                       Open to Sponsor

Dressage & Exhibition Classes -                           Open to Sponsor

English Halter Performance & Pleasure Driving -  Open to Sponsor

Pole Contesting Night -                                          Open to Sponsor

Western Showmanship and Halter -                      Open to Sponsor

Fun Show -                                                             Open to Sponsor 

Flags Contesting Night -                                        Open to Sponsor

Western Performance -                                          Open to Sponsor

Trail and Costume -                                                Open to Sponsor

Jr Versatility -                                                          Open to Sponsor

Sr Versatility -                                                         Open to Sponsor


Special Events & Team Sponsors ($500/event)

(Will take multiple sponsors per event up to $500)

Horse Bowl                                                          Open to Sponsor

Hippoloy                                                               Open to Sponsor

Judging                                                                Open to Sponsor

Drill Team                                                             Open to Sponsor

Misstates                                                              Open to Sponsor


If your intrested, please email Fundraising for more information


Download attached form  Sponsor Form



If you are interested in donating items on the club wish list, see list below.

For more information Email the 

10x10 portable box stalls. The club is looking to purchase 60 box stalls over the next several years. Estimated price is $ 1200 / Stall