Elkhart County 4H Saddle Club

  PO Box 211, Wakarusa, Indiana, 46573 

2016 Gold Sponsors

Austin Construction

Broken "B" Horse Farm

Friends of Ocean

Max & Marie Albertson


Aaron MacGregor &Associates

Rusty Wheel Acres Inc.

CWK Transport Inc.

Charger Enterprise Inc.

Jason Conly

Saddle Club News

1) The calendar has been updated with most of the key dates for 2016.
2) Next club meeting will be 7-11-16 at the Chuckwagon
               Fair Packet pickup: 5:30pm
               Stall Picks Begin at 6:30pm
                   1) Start with top 10 fundraisers
                   2) Followed by years in club
                Note: The member or representative must be present.

Fair Class Sign UP: 
4-H members need to enter all their animal classes for fair at https://elkhartcountyin.fairentry.com/Fair/SignIn/397 this database is open for animal entries from now to July 15, 2016.

Fair classes open for sponsorship! see menu bar above

New!!! Saddle Club will be managing Trams during Fair Week this year.  Check out trams below under sponorships for more details!


To support our many club activities we need the help of our members to raise the funds to cover the club expenses. The club raises the money through fundraiser and sponsorships. This year the club will offer detergent, geraniums, and pork patty sales opportunities, and club t-shirts sales.

The Club says,  thank you for the excellent participation in the detergent, and geraniums fundraiser! The detergent sales set a new club record. Keep up the good work, as rap up with pork patty sales starting at next club meeting.

Club Sponsorship Opportunities

Vist the sponsorship tab on the menu bar above to see how you can support our club members and activities!

Trams - Saddle club is responsible for organizing tram sign ups for fair this year. We will be opening this up to saddle club member first and then opening it up to other clubs or organizations to participate. To participate, drivers must be 21 year of age and spotters must be 16 years of age.

Benefit for Saddle club members! A Participating driver and spotter may donate $80 per tram shift towards the child of there choice for club sponsorship for 2017.  This money can be used towards membership dues &/or sponsorships. Sponsorships & fundraising money gets added together for each member. This is a great way to get first pick on stalls. 

Benefits for other clubs or organizations! A Participating driver and spotter may donate to the club or organization of there choice or recieve $40 per tram shift. Each tram shift is approximately 4 hours.

To sign up: Click Here

Join Our Club!

The purpose of a 4-H club is to provide positive youth development experiences to meet the needs of young people through opportunities tied to the Land Grant University knowledge base.  Club meetings are led by youth members who hold leadership positions and are supported by one or more adult volunteers. Club meetings typically take place once a month on the 2nd Monday beginning in January through August. Check the calendar for details. The club host several spring and fall horse youth shows for learning, fun, and as a fundraiser to support club activities and awards. During fair week our members can select from a wide range of classes to exhibit what they have learned. Additional club activities may include horse camp for 1 & 2nd year members, horse bowl, horse judging, trail rides, fun shows, learning activities, junior leaders, community service projects, and fund raising. 

Parent involvement...

Read about family involvement in club meetings here. We encourage parents participation to support the club and our members! Share your ideas, skills, and time. Email the advisory board and share your willingness and how you can help. Our club is run and operated by volunteers and is supported by fundraising, sponsorships, and donations.

Want to be a 4-H Saddle Club Member? First click the link below and enroll in 4-H. Next, attend our club meeting in January and follow the information posted on Facebook. If you want to know more download our Survival Guide.

Click here to enroll in 4-H as a club member.

2016 Daily Show Sponsors

We appreciate and thank all our sponsors for their support.

Barrel Contesting Night - Challenger Door

Dressage & Exhibition Classes - Open to Sponsor

English Halter Performance & Pleasure Driving - ARI Legacy Sleepers

Pole Contesting Night - Master Steel Roofing, Inc.

Western Showmanship and Halter - Travel Star & Truex Family

Flags Contesting Night - Michiana Auto Sports

Western Performance  Metropolitan Title

Trail and Costume - Salinas Insurance Agency

Versatility - Borden Waste & Away Service