Elkhart County 4H Saddle Club

  PO Box 211, Wakarusa, Indiana, 46573 

Club Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month, starting in January 2018

First year member at 6:00 PM

Club meeting at 7:00 PM

Location: Elkhart County Fair Grounds, see calendar for building 

Key Dates:

Monthly Meeting February 12th

Home and Family Arts bldg

Geraniums: Sales begin: March 12th

Pork Patties: Sale begin: April 10th

Horse Trailer Parking Request Form: Click here

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities (See Sponsorship Page for Details)

1) Class Sponsor - Awards for a fair Classes ($30/Class) 172 Class Opportunities

2) Club Sponsor -  

                                Bronze Level Sponsorship   $50 to $99,    

                                Silver Level Sponsorship   $100 to $249, 

                                Gold Level Sponsorship    $250 to $750,

                                Platinum Level Sponsorship $750+ 

3) Special Event Sponsors -       

Fair Week Daily Event Sponsors   ($500/event)

All Week - Tractor, Fuel, Drag & Water Sponsor   Open to Sponsor

Landscaping Saddle Club Barn & Show Booth     Open to Sponsor

Barrel Contesting Night -                                       Open to Sponsor

Dressage & Exhibition Classes -                           Open to Sponsor

English Halter Performance & Pleasure Driving -  Open to Sponsor

Pole Contesting Night -                                          Open to Sponsor

Western Showmanship and Halter -                      Open to Sponsor

Fun Show -                                                            Open to Sponsor

Flags Contesting Night -                                        Open to Sponsor

Western Performance                                         Open to Sponsor

Trail and Costume -                                               Open to Sponsor

Jr Versatility -                                                         Open to Sponsor

Sr Versatility -                                                        Open to Sponsor

How do I get Started? Read the 4 Steps below...

Step 1: Join Our Club! Deadline is Jan 15th for 2018

The purpose of a 4-H club is to provide positive youth development experiences to meet the needs of young people through opportunities club activities.  Club meetings are led by youth members who hold leadership positions and are supported by one or more adult volunteers. The club host several spring and fall horse youth shows for learning, fun, and as a fundraiser to support club activities and awards. During fair week our members can select from a wide range of classes to exhibit what they have learned. Additional club activities or teams may include horse camp for 1 & 2nd year members, horse bowl, horse judging, trail rides, fun shows, learning activities, junior leaders, community service projects, and fundraising. 

Want to be a 4-H Saddle Club Member? First click the link below and enroll in 4-H. Next, attend our club meeting in January and follow the information posted on Facebook. If you want to know more download our Survival Guide under resources.

Click here to enroll in 4-H as a club member.

Parent involvement...

Read about family involvement in club meetings here. We encourage parents participation to support the club and our members! Share your ideas, skills, and time. Email the advisory board and share your willingness and how you can help. Our club is run and operated by volunteers and is supported by fundraising, sponsorships, and donations. So, jump in and help us today!

Step 2: Get Involved!

Attend Club meetings: Meeting are located at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds from Jan - July and are held on the second monday of the month at 6:00 pm for first and second year members and at 7:00 for the general meeting. Check calendar and Facebook for updated details. 

Join a Team: Our club provides youth a fun and hands-on learning team experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for there animal. Learn more about general management, training, nutrition, housing, and health care through team activities. Consider joining: Jr. Leaders, Horse Bowl, Hippology, Judging, Midstates, & Drill Team to enrich your 4-H experience. Visit our team page above to learn more!

Attend Club Fun Events: The Club is hosting, a tack auction, Ride A Thon, & several Fun Day Shows, & a club campout!

Attend a Show: This year the club is hosting 4 pleasure & contesting shows focusing on 4-H members and one NBHA & 4-H contesting show in Aug.

Attend Fair: During the week of fair our 4-H members will have the opportunity to complete in and choose from 172 different classes.

Step 3: Club Completion Checklist!

By Jan 15th 

1) Enrolled in 4-H by Jan 15th, each year

2) Participate in club events & fundraisers

3) Schedule to get your horses vaccinated before May 15th

By May 15th

2) Club Membership Dues $45 ($45 includes, includes required family sponsorship)

     Families with multiple children (2nd child $15, & 3rd child is $10)

3) Stall Fees for members bringing a horse to the fair. ( Box Stall $35 & Tie Stall $10) 

4) Horse Enrolled on state website

5) Proof of Vaccination 

6) Complete & turn in Essay & Level book

7) Signed up for parent and member Work Shifts

Note: If member is not competing with an animal at fair, they may still complete their project by completing the Level book or Essay. All the items above are required with the exception of 3,4,&             5.

By July 29th

8) Complete Work Shift requirements

9) Have Fun at the Fair!

10) Complete the Fair horse checkout checklist

Any Question please contact a club leader..

Step 4: Help Us Fundraise to Support Club Events & Activities

To support our many club activities we need the help of our members to raise the funds to cover the club expenses. The club raises the money through fundraiser, family sponsorships, corporate sponsorships, and concessions sales during fair. The club appreciates the hard work by our members.  It's that hard work that makes our club a success!

This year the club will offer the following fundraisers: detergent, geraniums, and pork patties, Tack Auction, and club t-shirts. We ecourage all